January 20, 2023

Perforated Metal in Residential Design: The Casamirador Savassi Apartment Building's Inspirational Facade

When it comes to perforated metal, we love to find out-of-the-box ideas that don't only look amazing but also are highly functional. Take a look at the Casamirador Savassi apartment building in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

It's facade is one of a kind and stands out because it is covered in perforated metal. The building was designed by Gisele Borges Arquitetura in an irregular shape to meet local setback requirements. As it reaches the upper floors, the building becomes tapered.

Image Via Instagram @casamirador

The perforated metal facade provides residents with privacy while also allowing natural light to enter and providing views of the city. The dark aluminum panels act as a "second skin," shielding the building from direct sunlight and providing the units with thermal comfort. It is impossible to see inside from the outside due to the random placement of the perforations, which are varying in size and allow natural light to enter from the inside.

Image Via Instagram @casamirador

Additionally, because the building's small roof made it difficult to accommodate mechanical equipment, it was hidden behind the facade by making use of the larger perforations. The building's reddish hue was a nod to the mining deposits in the area. The V-shaped structure, which also serves as a sign for the ground floor entrance, was designed with inspiration from Oscar Niemeyer's work in Brazil.

Image Via Instagram @casamirador

Perforated metal is getting used more frequently recently in residential architecture, and the Casamirador Savassi is a great example of how this material can improve a building's aesthetics as well as its functionality. It demonstrates the architectural potential of perforated metal and may encourage other architects to incorporate it into their designs. Looking to incorporate perforated metal into your designs? Request a quote and let us know what you are looking for and we will find a solution!